After lots of research and shopping for the RV that was right for, you were able to narrow it down and make your choice. 

You visited the store, looked around the lot, made your offer and finalized your deal. You learned a lot during orientation and you've got the RV packed up and ready to go.....Now what?

Don't worry, just in case you forgot those setup basics from orientation, we have you covered! 

Tips & Tricks For Setting Up Your Campsite

Backing In To Your Campsite

  • Perform a quick walkaround of the area that you're backing into
  • Look for anything that may pose a risk to your camper, such as tree branches or electrical poles
  • Check to see how level the ground is at the site
  • Use as much space on the driver's side as you can to maximize your patio space

Before You Unhook From Your Vehicle

  • Check to see that your power cord is long enough to reach the electrical pole
  • Make sure your sewer hose can reach the sewer connection
  • Take a look at your auto-leveling jacks. If you have a travel trailer or fifth wheel you want to ensure they are not overextended. 
  • Look for any potential obstructions that would prevent your slide-out from fully extending
  • Watch for anything that could prevent your awning from fully extending

Take a look at this video that you may find helpful: 

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