Cleaning and flushing out your black tank can be a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it!  You can reference your RV's user manual, or instructions printed on the black tank flush itself. If you would like to ensure a better clean, you can follow our pro-tips below. 

How To Flush & Clean Your RV's Black Tank


Step 1: Pull the black tank valve

  • Ensure the valve is completely open allowing drainage through the hose. 

Step 2: Close the tank

  • Once the drainage is complete, you will close the tank

Step 3: Turn Water ON

  • Hook a hose to the black tank flush, and turn water on
  • Pay close attention to the black tank gauge on the camper. You will want to fill to approximately 2/3 capacity.

CAUTION: Overfilling your tank with the valve closed will cause it to flood and damage your RV. While this technique can be more effective, it can be riskier if you fail to watch your gauges.

Step 4: Re-open the black tank valve

  • Ensure the valve is open again and allow to drain.
The cleanest results may take multiple attempts, perhaps two to three times for the most effective results.

Step 5: Close the valve

  • Leave approximately one gallon of water in the tank
  • Turn the black tank flush off

Click on the link below to see a video on flushing your black tank: 

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