If you purchased from Great American RV SuperStores*, then you have membership in the Priority RV Network.  This network is a cooperative of over 140 RV dealers committed to provide their customers with emergency service while traveling away from home. 

In order to qualify for Priority RV Network service, the following criteria must be met: 

  • The RV must have been purchased from a Priority RV Network dealership
  • The owner must be more than 100 miles away from their primary residence
  • The service concerns must be deemed camping critical. A camping critical item is a service concern that causes trip interruption because the RV is not able to be used any longer. 

Should you find yourself traveling and in need of service from a Priority RV Network Dealership, you can locate one by clicking here. If you have any questions please reach out to Great American RV's Customer Support Center at 985-269-0364, submit a support request in the top right hand corner, or contact one of our store's Service Departments. 

*Huntsville, AL location is not part of the Priority RV Network