Keeping your RV comfortable is a critical factor for your camping adventures. Having a functional air conditioner is a comfort that tops any camper's list, especially during peak camping season in the summertime.  Checking your A/C periodically can help prevent failures that will require visits to the service department. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you beat the heat. 

RV Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Tip #1: Clean Interior Filters

  • In most cases your filter will be within your ceiling assembly
  • You can use an air compressor or a damp cloth to clean out dust particles and collected debris
  • Interior filters should be checked monthly, and more often if you have high traffic or animals in the RV

Tip #2: Check Mixing Divider For Sealed Edges

  • Remove the ceiling assembly
  • The mixing divider should be checked at least annually
  • Re-tape and secure if necessary using aluminum or HVAC tape. Not doing so will cause the adhesive to deteriorate over time allowing air to circulate between the divider which can lead to your air conditioner freezing up. 

Tip #3: Service The Condenser Coil

This Tip will require you to get on the roof of your RV. You should only go on the roof of your RV if you are comfortable doing so at your own risk. If you do not feel comfortable going on your roof or are unable to do so, schedule with our Service Department. 

  • Turn off all A/C breakers before climbing onto your roof.
  • Remove the shroud of your A/C unit. Be cautious when removing the shroud not to affect any of the fins on the back of the unit.
  • Check the fins to ensure they are free of any debris such as leaves, dirt, or insects.
  • Using an A/C Condenser Cleaning Spray you will apply it to your A/C coils and ensure the fins are straight. 
  • If you find that any of your fins are damaged, you are able to purchase a fin comb at your local hardware store that will allow you to straighten them back out. 
  • Blocked or broken fins will affect the level of output for your air conditioner, decreasing its ability to perform correctly.

For any concerns you have with your RV's air conditioner don't hesitate to reach out to Great American RV's Service Department. It is recommended to check your air conditioner at least one month prior to peak camping season so you can schedule service if needed. Visit our website to request your service appointment by clicking here. 

For a better overview of our A/C Maintenance Tips & Tricks, check out this video:

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