If you are experiencing difficulty with the Schwintek Slideout on your RV, and you have already attempted to follow the steps from How To: Troubleshoot Your Schwintek Slide-Out to sync the slide and override your controller, then you may need to move forward with the process of disassembling in order to push in the slideout manually. 

If you have not already done so, please attempt to troubleshoot the slideout by following the steps in How To: Troubleshoot Your Schwintek Slide-Out.

Manually Overriding Your Schwintek Slide


Step 1: Locate the screw from the outside at the top corner of the wiper seal on both sides

  • Remove the screw out of the corner of each slide.

  • If one side is operational you can leave that side alone and just remove the motor from the non-operational side.


Step 2Slide motor out of track

  • From the outside, just below where you removed the #2 square head screw, you will pull back the wiper seal slightly to reveal the motor. 


  • Using a flat head screwdriver find the opening in the motor and pull up, disengaging the motor from the assembly 


  • This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, sometimes you may have to rock the slide back by pushing on it.  This will help relieve any tension that is on the motor to get it to pop up.

Step 3: Pushing in your slide 

  • Once the motor has popped up, the next step is to manually push the slide. If you still have one side operational and chose to leave that motor in, having 2 people for this task would make it easier.

  • Begin to push the slide in on each side a little bit at a time, swapping sides as you go in order to keep it as even as possible, until the slide is all the way in.


  • If you have one motor still operational and you chose to leave it in, you can have one person operate the functioning side in as you push in the non-functioning side.  If you do not have help, just switch between pushing in manually and operating the switch, keeping the slide as even as possible, until the slide is all the way in.

Step 4: Securing the slide out for transport 

  • Slide locks or a 2x4 cut to the length of the slide roof from the wall to the fascia, should be placed on the top of the slide out to keep it from coming out during transport.

If you are unable or uncomfortable completing this override, it is best to schedule with our Service Department by visiting our Schedule Service page.

If you are actively using the unit and can't get the slide in, then it will be best to reach out to your manufacturer if under warranty. You can find your manufacturer's contact information by clicking here.

If you have a roadside assistance plan you may be able to contact a mobile service to get your RV into a movable condition in order to get to a repair facility.

For a better understanding of how to manually override your Schwintek Slide, check out this video: 

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