Towing lights keep you and others on the road safe while traveling. Prior to departing for any trips, it is best practice to verify your towing lights are working correctly. You will want to check your left and right turn signals, brake lights, and running lights. If you find that the lights are not functioning correctly, follow the steps below to rule out any common concerns. 

How To Troubleshoot the Towing Lights On Your Camper


Where does the power for my towing lights come from? 

  • On towable RVs there is no fuse on the unit that operates the towing lights. The vehicle used to tow is what provides signal and power to the RV.

What do I check if my towing lights are not working?

  • Step 1: The first thing to check if your lights are not working is the owner's manual for your tow vehicle. Look for the section regarding fuses and look for any that identify as trailer lights, trailer left turn, trailer right turn, etc. Check these fuses to make sure that none of them have blown.

  • Step 2: If the first step did not resolve the concern, then your next step will be to check the 7-Way Plug. Make sure there is no corrosion on the copper tabs of the plug for your trailer, as well as your tow vehicle. 

    You can also inspect the male end of the plug to ensure that the tabs are not spread too far apart.
    If they appear to be, then take a small flathead screwdriver and bend the tabs closer together. 

  • Step 3: Lastly, check the lights on your camper themselves. If the light bulb has blown, it will prevent the light from operating. Some lights may be LED bulbs in instead of standard ones and will have nothing to change out. Should you have a good 12 volts of power running to the LED assembly, and nothing is coming on, there is a chance that the entire assembly could have to be changed. 

Should following the steps above not resolve the concern with your towing lights, consider requesting an appointment with our Service Team by vising our Schedule Service page. 

For a better understanding of how to troubleshoot your RV's towing lights, check out this video: 

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