Most RVs come with slide-outs to provide more room and maximize comfort in your home away from home. Being a mechanical component, one should know that they can also be subject to mechanical failure.  Sometimes a cable slide motor can fail leading to a non-functional slide.  Here are some steps you can take to get the slide in manually


Manually Retracting Your Cable RV Slide Out

Step 1: Check for battery voltage and ensure you have a good 12 volts from the battery or charging system.

  • The slide-out will get power from your battery but will have a blade fuse or a resettable 12-volt breaker.

  •  Blade fuses will be located near the breaker panel and a resettable 12-volt breaker will be located near the front tongue of the trailer or in a 5th wheel in the front storage compartment.  The location on a motorhome will vary, but is usually located near 12-volt disconnect center.  You can also pull the slide-out switch and check for 12 volts there if the breaker cannot be located.

Step 2: Remove the slide fascia

  • Taking a small flat head screwdriver and pry between the fascia and the backer to get the fascia to come off.
  • The fascia is secured by brad nails in most cases, make sure to work your way all the way down the fascia when prying to work it out.  Do not pull just from one side as it could lead to breaking the fascia

Step 3: Running in the slide with a drill

  • Locate at the end of the motor the manual drive key.  The key size will be a #3 square bit or 1/4” hex bit.  Having a flexible attachment will make this job a lot easier as well.
  • You will then operate the drill and begin to pull your slide in until it has been fully retracted. 

Step 4: Securing the slide out for transport

  • There should be no need to secure your slide for this type if all components are still intact.



For a better understanding of how to manually retract your RV Slide check out this video:


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