No matter how your RV is made, whether fiberglass or metal, you will have sealant that require maintenance. It is important to create a schedule to keep a check on this very important item every 90 days. 

How To Maintain Sealant On Your RV


Why Should I Check My RV's sealant?

  • Failure to properly maintain sealant can result in leaks.  It is important for RV owners to understand that sealant maintenance is considered owner responsibility.
  • Checking the sealant on critical areas of your RV will help to prevent leaks that can cause significant damage, especially over time if unnoticed.
  • Every RV should be checked, but those stored outdoors with direct exposure to the elements such as sun and rain should be checked far more frequently than the average 90 days. We recommend checking sealant monthly if your RV is stored outside uncovered. 
IMPORTANT NOTE: Manufacturer's Warranty and Extended Service Contracts will not cover damages caused by lack of owner maintenance on sealant. 

Where Do I look for Sealant?

  • Front Trim
  • Compartment Doors
  • Windows
  • Water Heater Door
  • Lights
  • City Water and Black Tank Flush Connections
  • 50 Amp Service
  • Any other items on the side of your unit where a hole was cut to install a feature

How Do I Apply Sealant?

  • Clean the area that you will be applying sealant to with mild soap and water and a towel, then allow to dry
  • Take your tube of silicone and run a small bead across the area that needs to be sealed
  • Be sure to wipe any mess or excess before it dries
  • Apply soap and water on top of the area that you've sealed and run your finger across it to flatten the bead out. 
  • Allow the applied silicone to dry for 24 hours

For an even better understanding of applying sealant to your RV, check out this video: 

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