Most RVs come with slide-outs to provide more room and maximize comfort in your home away from home. It is important to remember that a slide-out is a mechanical component, and will require maintenance and care. Proper lubrication of wiper seals and rails will be critical to ensuring your slide-out functions as it should.

Lubricating Your Wiper Seal

Step 1: Lubricate the side wiper seals

  • There are many different types of slide-outs, however all will have wiper seals
  • Wiper seals should be lubricated at least every six months
  • Using a spray lubricant simply start at the top and work your way down
  • Allow the lubricant to soak into the rubber seal

Step 2: Lubricate the top wiper seals

  • Climb to the top of your slide-out using a ladder
  • Spray lubricant across the wiper seal allowing to soak in to the rubber

While lubricating your wiper seal, this is a great time to check the seals for any years or in the wiper or bulb seals.  Also when conditioning the top seals check for tears or holes in the roof of the slide, especially if your unit doesn’t have  slide toppers

Step 3: Lubricate slide rams

  • Not all slide-outs will have electric rams
  • You will want to use a dry lubricant spray to avoid attracting dirt or other debris. 
  • Spray from side to side
  • Spray on the top and bottom

Step 4: Lubricate slide rails

  • Slide-outs such as Schwintek will have rails on the bottom and top.
  • Rails can be black or gray
  • You will also see a power slim rack system that has more of a gear style track that is not actually attached to the wall. You will not lubricate the tracks on either of those gears.
  • There should be a small Teflon wheel beneath the tracks of a Schwintek system behind the wiper seal. You will be able to lubricate this with a dry lubricant.

You may find this walkthrough video helpful: 

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