When retrieving your RV from storage, or after refilling your propane system it may be necessary that you bleed the air from your propane lines. Many times, one may think that appliances are broken or not working, when it could simply be that there is air present in the propane lines. Following the tips below can save you a trip to a service center, time, and money. 

Bleeding Air From Your RV's Propane System

Step 1: Validate Propane Is ON

  • Verify that you have propane in at least one of your tanks and ensure the valve is turned to the ON position. 

Step 2: Stove Top

  • Ignite your stove top inside the camper and wait until you have a blue flame. The blue flame indicates that there is no air present in the propane line. 
  • After the stove top has burned with a blue flame for about 15 seconds, you may turn the stove top off. 

Step 3: Furnace

  • Turn your furnace to the ON position and select heat and temperature.
  • The furnace will attempt to turn on three times. If it fails it will shut off. Turn the furnace OFF and then back ON and allow it to attempt to ignite again. After the second or third try, you furnace should ignite and operate normally.

Step 4: Refrigerator

  • Initiate the refrigerator by turning the power button to ON and allow it switch to propane. 
  • If the indicator light display red, turn the refrigerator of OFF and allow it to attempt to ignite again. If the refrigerator fails three times it will shut off and allow you to attempt it again. 

For a better understanding of how to bleed air from your propane system check out this video:

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