Our awnings provide us with plenty of shade for our outdoor relaxation and fun. When not cared for properly it can lead to mold and mildew stains on the fabric and damage. Here are some steps that you can do yourself to ensure your awning stays in great condition.

Maintaining Your RV Awning


Step 1: Pitching your awning for runoff

  • If you have an awning that has wall-mounted arms, you should always pitch the awning to the back or the front of the unit to allow any water that may develop from the a/c or light rain to drain off.  Not doing so can lead to a puddle of water developing in the middle of the awning that could cause collapse. This type of damage is not covered by manufacturer or extended warranty. 
  • If there is a wind or rain storm the awning should be retracted immediately.  
  • Also, pull the slide-out switch and check for 12 volts there if the breaker cannot be located.

Step 2: Dry your awning out

  • Anytime it rains or there is high humidity outside, your awning will develop moisture inside of it, even when rolled up.  
  • Once or twice a month on a sunny day, you should roll your awning out and let it dry so that no mold or mildew will develop and cause stains in the fabric. 
  • In the event you do develop stains, there are products available to help remove them. However, if the stains are too bad, they may not come out completely.

For a better understanding of how to properly maintain your awning, check out this video:

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